Business Spotlight: Inmotion Relocating, Announces Partnership with University PC Care

For more than a decade, Inmotion and University PC Care have established themselves as experts in the rapidly changing world of technology. A new partnership between the two companies will only bolster their customers’ ability to not only keep their devices functioning well into the future but preserve valuable memories.

Inmotion, which has operated from a storefront on Charles Boulevard in the Bells Fork area since 2007, is relocating to a Dickinson Avenue location undergoing a major transformation and will share space with University PC Care. The new location at 821 Dickinson Ave. will serve primarily as a corporate office for University PC Care, which has its headquarters at 1909-F E. Fire Tower Road in Greenville along with locations in New Bern and Plymouth (opening soon).

Tim and Jennifer Bogenn founded Inmotion out of their home in 2005 and specialize in digitizing movies, photos and audio. Ashton James, along with friend Josh Harrison, started repairing computers in 2006 out of his father’s service station, University Auto Care, on Fifth Street before relocating to Fire Tower Road in 2008.

The businesses occasionally referred customers to one another. The Bogenns and James also were neighbors and recently struck up a conversation of a partnership.

“It’s hard to find another business that’s compatible with yours and that puts the same amount of heart and quality into it,” Jennifer Bogenn said. “There’s other businesses out there that offer similar services, but I don’t know that they put the care into the work that we do.

“The partnership with them is so great because we both care so much about the customer,” she said. It’s actually something we all passionately believe in on both sides. None of us want to do subpar work. It’s got to be done the correct way as if it was our own. I know that’s how I approach everything. It’s not walking out the door until I know I’ve done absolutely everything I can do to try to get the highest quality transfer.”

The downtown location exposes both Inmotion and University PC Care to a wider range of demographics that includes East Carolina University’s student population and a stretch commonly referred to as the arts district because of its antique shops, street displays, and growing brewery and restaurant establishments.

“It puts us into the community,” Jennifer Bogenn said. “… We’ve been sort of on the outskirts, not really right down in there with everything and what they’re trying to do. In the next couple of years, hopefully it will all be revitalized. I think it’ll work out well for both of us.”

Brad Proctor, vice president of corporate development and strategy for University PC Care, said the shared space will serve a dual purpose – providing much-needed office space and connecting with the arts community.

“The biggest thing for us is, obviously, that area is labeled as the arts district,” Proctor said. “People naturally think, ‘How do computers fit in with art?’ Art is a lot of different mediums. We support more artists than people realize we do just because of the nature of how art has changed and will change.”

The services of both businesses strive to make sure no one misses – or loses – anything stored on their devices. University PC Care has expanded both its staff and offerings. Along with PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad repair, University PC Care is an Apple authorized service provider, has a full line of business services branded as BIZCare, and a cloud-based wireless network system branded as NetCare.

Inmotion started primarily transferring VHS and older film to DVD. It now provides digital conversions from a variety of sources, including VHS, VHSC, Betamax, 8mm, Hi8, Video8, Digital8, MiniDv, 8mm and Super 8mm film, 8mm with audio, 16mm film, photos, 35mm slides, negatives, SD cards, flash drives, camera hard drives, cassettes, albums and microcassettes.

“I think what we tend to offer people has changed a little bit,” Jennifer Bogenn said. “There’s still a large majority that goes straight to DVD. Our sort of takeaway to the customer is you really need to have it multiple ways. You need the DVD, because the DVD is still the easiest to watch for most people.

Tim Bogenn said it’s vital to have more than one copy of a file stored on hard drives. DVDs can get scratched, broken or lost, and without a backup, those pictures or videos are gone.

“If you have that digital file, you can just bring that back to us,” Tim Bogenn said. “It’s your safety.”

Jennifer Bogenn it’s a good idea to have a DVD for the ease of viewing and a digital file for archival purposes.

Today’s digital cameras, camera phones, YouTube videos and streaming have created more opportunities to capture memorable moments but also added some complications when it comes to storing and saving those memories.

“As camera companies developed new models they always intended to make it easier for people to share memories by themselves,” Jennifer Bogenn said. “It just really hasn’t happened that way.

“Everything we touch today is pretty much a hard drive in your hand. Whether it’s your phone, your camera, your whatever it is, if something happens to that, and you haven’t backed it up, then you lose it. If you’ve backed it up to your computer but then took it off your phone and then your computer hard drive crashes, now you’ve lost everything.”

The partnership with University PC Care aims to make the process easier. Customers can use University PC locations as a drop-off point for Inmotion conversion or recovery work. University PC Care, in turn, can aid with backing up those files.

“There’s a lot of things we play off of each other,” Proctor said. “Once they get it converted … our job with the digital stuff is to make sure they back it up, to provide something to do it.”

Final renovations are nearing completion at the new Dickinson Avenue location. Until then, Jennifer Bogenn wants to remind area residents that the Inmotion is still in business and in full operation as usual.

“Our main thing that we’re all trying to announce is we’re still here,” she said. “You won’t see us in our old location, but we’re still doing the same quality work. And we are still the only media transfer service in the region that does the work on site and does not have to be mailed off. By being local we can offer special requests and faster turnaround time. We’ve partnered with (University PC Care) to expand our services and to give customers outside of Greenville the same opportunity to drop off their media at locations closer to them.

“We want to be the No. 1 place for people to go for media transfer and computer services. And we’re all going to apply the same care and quality as expected. We think now we offer the whole package.”

For more information on Inmotion, visit or call (252) 931-1180. For more information on University PC Care, visit or call (252) 558-1280.

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