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Together Stronger: Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance

One step inside is enough to sense that there’s something special about Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance.

That’s the environment Kevin and Jennifer Youngs hoped to shape when they recently opened their new facility at 1301 E. Arlington Blvd.

“We wanted to create a facility that we’re able to provide unbelievable service, great quality of work, a great experience and let people enjoy it when they come into it,” Kevin said. “With Jennifer and I owning it and running it, we love the family atmosphere. We want everybody to feel like they’re a part of our family and part of our team.”

Kevin and Jennifer opened their first practice in October of 2012. The 1,650-square-foot space was an ideal starting point to establish a successful physical therapy practice, but Kevin knew it was not his ultimate vision.

Specializing in sports-related injuries and an active population, Kevin’s ultimate vision was to have a physical therapy clinic with a sports performance component where athletes could rehab and then train in their sport with a strength coach.

“Sports has always been a big part of my life, whether it was playing or watching,” he said. “Having the opportunity to create a facility that really focuses on the active individual and sports-related injury and pathology creates a good blend.”

In April of 2017, Kevin’s vision became a reality with the opening of a new 9,300-foot facility, and with a new building came a new name — Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance. The modern office has an open treatment area for physical therapy as well as three private exam rooms. Other features include open space for group exercise classes and personal training clients, a massage therapy room, a space dedicated to Pilates and yoga, and an area for weight training and sports performance training that includes baseball hitting and throwing instruction.

The whole package has made an impression on visitors, Jennifer said. “I think the comments we hear from lots of people is there’s nothing else like this in Greenville,” she said.

Beyond the amenities is an attitude encompassed in a “together stronger” mission statement, Jennifer said.

“What that means to us is not only are Kevin and I stronger with everyone that’s on our team, with all of our employees, but all our patients are stronger with us providing services for them,” she said “But then we’re stronger because of our patients because they’re such great people that offer us opportunities to continue to grow and learn as professionals and to challenge ourselves.

“We want to be a place where we can really help people with all facets of wellness, with their wellness program. Whether that be physical therapy, general wellness where they can come and work out or take yoga, pilates or foam roller classes or if they’re an athlete and you want to get into more of a sports performance component. We really want to be a place where people can come and we can help them manage the wellness part of their life.”

Jennifer said providing more personal attention is a priority for her staff.

“Our goals are to provide excellent customer service and to give excellent treatment and services,” she said.

That’s especially important with clients experiencing pain and already a bit apprehensive, Kevin said. Providing comfort and putting them at ease are keys steps in effective treatment.

“If you can create an environment where they step foot in the door and they’re able to relax a little bit and get comfortable to be able to start moving in certain ways that traditionally have caused them pain, then by all means that’s going to be a positive scenario for them and hopefully get them back to the court or field and get back to doing what they want to do,” Kevin said.

With the new facility, Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance now offers sports performance training geared toward ages 9-12 up to the collegiate athletes. Trainers and coaches place an emphasis on proper form and mechanics for specific sports, as well as speed and agility.

“Our strength and conditioning coaches really separate themselves by making connections to individual athletes and their sport, so if they’re coming for a strength and conditioning class and they’re a lacrosse player, then our strength and conditioning coach will make connections with them on why you’re making this movement for your particular sport,” Jennifer said. “We want to push people to their limits, but we want to do it with proper form and mechanics, so that is what I truly think separates our staff and our facility from other people, the fact that we do truly hire professionals that are working within their profession.

“They’re all college graduates, they all have a medical background like kinesiology, or athletic training or they’re certified strength and conditioning coaches. It’s more than someone just getting an online certification. They are truly professionals working within people in their profession.”

Youngs Physical Therapy and Sports Performance offers physical therapy for general and active populations and specializes in sports-related injuries. It also provides sports performance services that include group classes with strength, speed and agility focus;  athlete personal training; baseball instruction; and injury prevention classes.

Youngs also offers wellness options for the general population, including daily group workout classes, personal training, yoga, Pilates and foam roller classes. In addition, Youngs offers a la carte manual and recovery services such as dry needling, cupping, Graston Technique,NormaTec and massage therapy.

Youngs has a staff of 13 and continues to grow.

“This experience has been humbling,” Jennifer said.  “It brings us so much joy every day to do good things for good people.”

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