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Six easy home improvement projects that won’t wreck your budget

If you’re thinking about making a few changes around the house and don’t want to break the bank, consider these six do-it-yourself projects.

Each can be accomplished for a surprisingly affordable amount of money. Best of all, they won’t take a great deal of time and can be undertaken in stages as time and money permits.

New interior paint

Painting a room with a fresh coat of paint can give it new life. Check out some decorating magazines to see what’s new in accent walls, window frames and unique designs and colors.

Repaint your front door

A new coat of paint for the front door can do wonders for the curb appeal of your home. Your front door gets a lot of wear and tear, so refreshing it from time to time is always a good idea. Trust me, your guests will notice it.

Update a window treatment

Sometimes just a different look or a splash of color or design can give a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom window a whole new feel. Experiment with colors and different window treatments.

Replace doorknobs and cabinet handles

I know from first-hand experience the transformation that switching out old, dull doorknobs can make to any home. Changing cabinetry hardware or drawer pulls also can make a big difference. For some reason, your eyes seem to be drawn to shinier, newer hardware, and that can make your doors, drawers and cabinets seem newer and more modern.

Upgrade wall outlets and switch plate covers

Most houses have plenty of wall outlets and electrical plate covers. Consider replacing your old covers with a number of newer designs, textures and colors. You’ll be surprised at how changing even a room or two will give it a completely different look and feel. Plus, it’s a great time to change a few outlets to USB wall outlets, convenient for charging a variety of mobile devices.

Re-do your house numbers and doorbell

Because your house number is potentially the first thing guests will see as they visit your home for the first time, give them a new, inviting look. You can easily install new wooden, composite plastic or metal numbers — or repaint the ones you have. A new doorbell or door-knocker also adds a nice touch to any front entry, and at a relatively small cost.

So get to it! Do some research and select the items that will best complement your home’s colors, decor and style. I think you will find these small projects will make a big change to the way you and others view your home.

Good luck!


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