One Death in Pitt County, and a Curfew is Again in Place

Pitt County- The Tar River continues to rise in Greenville as recovery is still in effect after hurricane Matthew.

The river is expected to rise to just under 25 feet by Thursday, its measurements Tuesday coming in at 22.31.

A curfew has once again been placed over Pitt County as a precautionary measure due to the storm. The curfew will run from 12:01am to to 6am Wednesday morning.

For people who live north of the Tar river and South of Belvoir road, a mandatory evacuation is still in place.

So far there has been 18 reported deaths throughout North Carolina due to the hurricane, one of which took place in Pitt County. The death occurred Sunday when a woman drove into standing water.

Officials stress that people please use caution when driving and within their homes as we continue to experience flooding.


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