Upcoming Auditions for Smiles and Frowns Fall Production

Ayden,NC- Smiles and Frowns Playhouse in Ayden will be holding the auditions for their fall production of A Christmas Carol on September 5th and 6th at the recreation department in Ayden.

Each spring and fall, Smiles and Frowns puts on a children’s theatre production completely cast with local kids aged K-12. This fall’s production will be A Christmas Carol. The show may cast up to 40 children with audition days taking place on Tuesday, September 5th and Wednesday, September 6th from 5-7 p.m. at the recreation center in Ayden.

Students between aged K-2 should come to auditions prepared to recite a poem from memory. All older students should come prepared to read from the script. Those auditioning should also come with a picture of themselves that they will be okay with not getting back. A wallet sized school photo is the best option. Any students wishing to work on the tech crew may come either day to fill out the paper work, and those wishing to have their artwork entered should turn it in by the deadline on the smiles and frowns website.

All rehearsals will be held at the Ayden Recreation building located at 4354 Lee Street in Ayden. Production dates are set for November 10th and 11th.

Auditions are free to all, but those cast must pay a $40 fee to participate in the production.

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