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Avoiding the Flu During Pregnancy

*Article written by Oh Baby Columnist Amy Arandia

Let me hear every pregnant mama out there say “Thank goodness it’s fall!”
Gone are the those smoldering days of summertime misery spent with your head parked inside the freezer just to get a little relief from the agonizing heat.
Break out your leggings, unbox your tunics and dust off your boots ladies! The cool, brisk, wrap a scarf around your neck, days are upon us and not a moment to soon.
From the turning of the leaves to pumpkin spice everything cooler temperatures are a most welcomed sight for the oh so hot mamas out there.
But with all the wonderful luxuries fall brings, there comes an unwanted tag along buddy… the flu.
Yes that lovely three letter word that leaves you feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck with a runny nose, dry cough, sore throat, headaches, body aches– on top of pregnancy symptoms. Yay.

So, how can you help prevent the flu?
First- Get your flu shot!
It is absolutely safe to be vaccinated for the flu during pregnancy and so should anyone who is constantly around you like your partner and other children you may have. Though the nasal spray vaccine seems like a great alternative to a needle, it is not recommended for pregnant women- it is a live virus vaccine that can be harmful to baby. So take one for the team and get your flu shot!
Second– frequent and good hand washing is always a first line defense to any germs that are looking to take advantage of your immune system.
Third- cleaning your frequently used items such as phones, computer keyboards, keys, door knobs and kiddy toys also reduce your risk of contacting the virus.

And if you somehow end up with the flu despite your best efforts call your primary care provider right away.
There’s a magical 2 day window from the onset of symptoms where antiviral drugs can be given that will help your body fight the virus and put you in a faster road to recovery.
Remember to drink lots of fluids, eat frequent small meals and get plenty of rest when you can.

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