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Baby Got Back-Mama’s Back, and it Hurts!

One of the most common complaints that mamas have whether at a routine doctors visit or in the hospital setting has got to be…back pain. Not a big surprise here ladies, our backs sure do take a beating while carrying our precious bundles of joy. From the stretching muscles to the fluctuation in hormone levels and of course the baby gymnastics,the back takes the beating.
Let’s get to the bottom of what’s going on-
Running down your spine into your buttocks, stomach, thighs and pelvis are a large group of muscles that work together to support the movement of all these areas, promoting proper posture and position.
Normally after a regularly scheduled day of errands, work and all the other things you have to do in daily life we would expect to have some minor to moderate discomfort.
But throw a 6-9 month pregnant belly in the mix?!
So what happens to those muscles in the back when baby gets out front and center?…
During the second and third trimester your body begins to produce excess hormones to loosen up the muscles, ligaments and joints that are supporting that growing belly.
The expanding and loosening of those muscles lead to poor posture which leads to…you guessed it-pain
Pain in all the wrong places.
Lower back, both your sides, rib cage,lower stomach, groins, buttocks and upper thighs are all fair game, and the further along you get into your pregnancy the worse it’s going to get.
In my experience I have found it is worse on smaller mamas. The smaller the frame the more the muscles have to stretch. We mamas with a little more fluff are already used to carrying some additional weight so it’s not as straining our bodies.
Unfortunately this is all completely normal ladies and you can expect to feel these aches and pains until you deliver. Sometimes it’s enough to make you think you have gone into labor. The round ligament pain is no joke, it’s a very real and very uncomfortable feeling.
All hope is not lost however, there are some things you can do to help alleviate those nagging pains. As always Hydration is super important! I will probably mention it in every article because water really does help to avoid several common issues throughout pregnancy.
Stretching exercises, as much as you can tolerate,like maternal yoga, can help those muscles extend and can help limber those joints up.
Also on the water note- showers as warm as you can stand them are a must. The heat expands those blood vessels giving you more blood flow which equals more oxygen to your cells which makes your cells happier, which makes your muscles happier.
Rest as much as you can as often as you can with all the pillows you want or get yourself a big comfy C shaped pregnancy pillow. There really is no wrong way to be comfortable.
Belly belts are a great and inexpensive way to really help to redistribute the weight in the front to your upper back and shoulders so the bump is not pulling you forward and making you feel like your going to take a nose dive into the floor.Wear it everyday everywhere for help with posture while walking, so you won’t have the penguin walk or the ole hand on the back look.Pregnancy really is a wonderful time in a woman’s life even if it’s not the best feeling time in a woman’s life.Pamper yourself as often as you can or have your partner do it for you. You deserve it!

*Written by Amy Arandia

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