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Baby it’s Hot Outside

Being pregnant automatically means your internal thermostat is cranked up to the max, but being pregnant during the summertime?!- you might as well be living on the sun.
During these extremely hot months it is VERY important to stay hydrated and stay in the shade or preferably in the AC.
When we are outside in the sun our body sweats to try to cool us down. In turn it also dehydrates the muscles in the the body making them twitch or shake. In pregnancy, especially in the second and third trimester, the muscle most commonly affected by dehydration is…the uterus.
So if you’ve been walking around outside all day long, laying out at the beach or spending the day shopping, do not be surprised when you start having the false labor contractions known as Braxton hicks. The culprit?dehydration.

These contractions,if experienced pre-term often indicate dehydration or urinary infections.
I can’t tell you have many mamas have come through the doors of the women’s unit convinced they are about to deliver and they end up just getting a liter or two of IV fluids because they are dry as a bone. And they always say the same thing, “I’ve been drinking soda”
Not only are these sodas high in sugar, they are high in caffeine which constricts your blood vessels limiting the blood supply and in turn limiting the fluid going through these vessels.

Think for a moment:
We like to swim in lots of water, so do babies.
We wouldn’t go swimming in a pool of Pepsi, sweet tea or Mountain Dew would we?
Neither would baby
We want nice clean cool water to float around and relax in- so does baby

So to prevent completely avoidable annoying and painful contractions please for the love of your baby drink water! You really can’t drink enough!
Our motto is “drink until you can’t anymore, then drink one more”
Of course you can add your favorite water flavors to it, just be sure you are drinking 90% more water than soda or sugar filled juices.
Its such a simple substance that alleviates so many problems.
Not only will it keep your cells hydrated, it helps pull the fluid from your legs to decrease swelling and it helps keep your blood pressure stabilized too.
So if you must be outside grab an H2O, find a nice shady tree and rest often.
And remember, water is your best friend.

-Amy A. 

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